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Solar CarParks

Significant savings on your energy bills and carbon footprint with no capital expenditure

Rent Your Land to FGEC for a Ground-mounted Solar PV Installation

Our proposal will enable your organisation to:

  • receive an RPI index-linked quarterly rental payment for some of your land for a period of 20 to 40 years;
  • reduce the carbon footprint of your organisation;
  • improve the biodiversity of the land and, potentially, receive additional income from these supplementary activities; and
  • help an electricity-consuming, commercial neighbour to make savings on its electricity bills.

The only requirements are that your organisation owns at least 5 acres of unshaded, flat (or gently sloping in a southerly direction) land to enable us to install one of our ground-mounted solar PV systems and that there is a nearby commercial electricity user which would be interested in using the PV electricity generated to make savings on its daytime electricity costs. It is also important that the land is not in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and that it is not easily visible from nearby residential areas or sensitive cultural or historical sites.

The ground-mounted solar array comprises well-spaced rows of solar panels which are supported above ground level so the land will still be available to use for natural plant growth, wildlife and the grazing of sheep.